My rig software

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I have developed my own LogBook software which includes communication with my transceiver Icom IC-7300, updates from, Clublog, Domestic Contest logging, statistics and import/export functions for LoTW, eQSL, ADIF, Cabrillo etc.

For presentation of the IC-7300 scope on a larger external monitor using CAT commands in an own developed application.
I use Visual Basic 2017 for the development. The software ver can be downloaded here: Download

I use my LogBook software software together with some other utilities I have developed myself.
This combination of softwares is all I need together with my tranceiver IC-7300 own buttons.

Together with my Newsky RTL-SDR USB Stick I use the software SDRSharp with the Scanner plugin. With this software I can listen to all communications between 150KHz -1,9GHz.

The utility DxAtlas_display I use to display QSO´s from the my LogBook software into the program DxAtlas.

------The utility and the readme file , version 3.0, can be downloaded from here: Download

------You can read a description what the program can do here