LOW-COST PANADAPTER FOR YAESU FTDX-3000D (If You want something better than FTDX-3000D own scope)!

-No changes in the radio Yaesu FTDX-3000D. Using only the IF output connector.

Article list:
-Funcube Dongle Pro Plus
-SMA to BNC Adapter
-BNC to BNC cable
-USB cable if nessesary

-HDSDR software
-VSPE software from Essential Logic if you want to use panadapter at the same time as your logging software (optional).

1. Install and familiarize yourself with Funcube dongle Pro Plus (FCD) as described in the document "Funcube Dongle An Introduction"
2. Connect FTDX-3000D IF output to FCD antenna connector and then the FCD to Your computers USB port.
3. Install the software VSPE.
4. Install the software HDSDR.
5. Start VSPE software. See pictures of my settings.
6. Start HDSDR software. See pictures of settings.
7. Start Your logging program and connect to port 10.

If you do not want to use logging program simultaneously with HDSDR software, you dont need the VSPE software. In the pictures, you must change the port 10 to the correct port to your FTDX-3000D.


vspe_0 VSPE_1


My intention with this information is to help other interested HAMs to a low cost solution of a panadapter function and
hopefully we can exchange information on how to get this panadpater function to perform as well as possible.

I am sure this solution also will work with FT-5000.

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