My very personal subjective ranking of different transceivers after using them only in SSB mode and in some cases in PSK31 and FM mode

Transceiver VHF/UHF HF Note
IC-735   9  
IC-746 6 7 A real boost compared to IC-735
FT-1000MP Mark V Field   4  
IC-756ProIII   8 A noise machine
IC-706MkIIG 4 7  
FT-950   5 Propably the most cost-optimal HF Rig
TR-751E 5    
FT-857D 3 7  
FT-2000   5 Not worth extra money compared to buy FT-950
IC-7400 2 6  
FT-100D 3 8  
TS-2000E 1 5 Good rig for the money
TS-590S   6 One dissappointment, bench test resuts do not say everything
FT-897D 3 7  
FT-2000D   3 200W does, after all, a difference
IC-7410   6  
IC-7600   2 A very nice radio, clearly at least noisy of the Icoms rigs
FTDX-5000MP   1 You get what You pay for but SM-5000 is a dissapointment. I have replaced it with a LP-PAN2.
IC-7000 3 7 An IC-706 with color
FTDX-3000D   2 Performance like FTDX-5000 but only 1 receiver.
K3   2 ATU excellent. Odd man-mashine interface. Performance like FTDX-5000 but only 1 reciever (my configuration). Expensive.
FLEX-5000A   2 You will never return to Yaesu/Icom/Kenwood/Elecraft/Ten-Tec conventional radios
Apache-Labs ANAN-100D   1 Have everything but expensive
FlexRadio-6300ATU   1 Have everything, modern software SmartSDR and a quit ATU
Yaesu FT-450   5 Very nice little radio, Possible to extend the internal ATU range
Yaesu FTDX-1200   3 Very nice internal speaker
Yaesu FT-991 1 3
Icom IC-7300   2 Would have been a perfect radio without the lack of an IF-out for bigger panadapter
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